Places: Made By Legacy Vintage Flea Market

The last few weeks, maybe even months have been quite uneventful. From work, to not feeling my best, I’ve spent a lot of time at home in my bed shamelessly binge watching youtube. Finally, after what seemed like another possibly doomed weekend of staying in. Mae and I talked ourselves into putting on some clothes other then baggy teeshirts and running shorts and headed to an outdoor market called Made By Legacy. 

Heading to the market, I had no expectations. I had done no research on it. As that could have bought us time to change our easily wavered minds. The market was on the roof top of one of the weirdest malls I’ve ever been to. Fortune Town mall is just a series of one directional floors leading you to the unknown down every corridor. Once we found our way to the Market we were thoroughly impressed with its first moments and entry was only 120 Baht!

Made By Legacy is described as an American style flea market full of vintage and other quality goods. The vintage scene in Bangkok has its own community. The active members completely embody the vintage lifestyle. From cars, clothes, home decor, music and even dance styles. It was really amazing to see the community all together at the same place. Along with vintage wear there were art, record, antique, home wear and food vendors. A massive collection of quality goods and delicious looking food and drinks.

Mae and I decided to grab ourselves some solo cup cocktails and do some shopping. Which was virtually impossible because every 10 steps a“ long time no see” friend of Mae’s would come up to us to chat. I’m not joking. Every. Ten. Steps. I was so ready to get my shop on, that I snuck away from her to take some photos and find something special to add to my slowly growing closet. 

I fell in love with so many pieces at the market, but it was price point was quite high in comparison to the similar markets in Canada. The price range was about $40- $180. I found a handmade tote from Tiger Records (a record store in BKK) for just under $20. Which was awesome because it had everything I was looking for. Now only if I could transport my record player and record collection from Canada here, so I don’t feel so much like a poser. 

If you're not into shopping, the market also had 2 stages with local and expat DJ’s and musicians. Playing motown, funk, disco to indie and hiphop. It was nice to take shopping break and chill with a cocktail in hand.

Overall the market was a lot of fun and I'm really happy Mae and I shook off the homebody laziness and went. If you're coming to Bangkok in the next year, I would highly recommend stopping by Made By Legacy. Check out there website or their instagram!

Tote from Big Tiger Records
CA$H POOR PU$$Y RICH Patch from Kidd Bell
White Cat from streets of Bangkok. ADOPT DON'T SHOP

Herbal Magic: Turmeric Paste

As you can can probably assume, moving to a new country has its ups and downs. One of my main down falls this past year was my health. It seemed that every month I was facing a new sickness.

The last month I have been dealing with a never ending hacking cough and cold. Mae (my other half) talked me into going to the doctor. I was hesitant because in Thailand there aren't really any clinics that you can pop into. If you're sick you pretty much have to go to the hospital. 

Going to the emergency room because of a minor illness always makes me feel like a tool. My Mom used to work in hospitals, and I used to go in with her when she was on call. So I have a well rounded idea when its appropriate to make a trip to the ER.

Sitting in triage, I was faced with a single thought. I couldn't help think that some health issues can be completely avoided with preventive action plans. I never really thought deeply about this. Before now, My perception of a healthy lifestyle was quite topical with a touch of vanity. “Work out, eat avocado, drink water, look good.” This clearly wasn't helping my current situation.

I’ve learned that what you put in your body truly effects your health. Short term and long term. Simple as fuck, right? The thing is, people don’t get it. Or maybe they don’t care. 

After some experimenting and researching, I’ve learned that our bodies tell us ‘whats up’ on the regular. If you drink water consistently, you're going to feel fresh and energized. If you dummy a hamburger, fries and soft drink 4 times a week your going to feel that too. Our bodies give us warning signs when its unhappy, like pimples, tummy aches, dank farts, rashes, sugar highs, the list goes on… 

Learning the signs takes time, and so does finding your method to feeling healthy with a balanced lifestyle (WINE ME). I am not an expert, nor do I really have this fully figured out. Experimenting with holistic nutrition keeps me interested. I like to think of the holistic approach as preventive medicine. I’m not going to preach about this much, mainly because you might not care and thats cool too. Everyone has their strategy, But I will share a pretty simple recipe with natures miracle herb…

Mariju…turmeric… Yes, weed is magical in many ways. Turmeric is a little more accessible and is SO good for our bodies! Its most commonly know as anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and immunity booster. But wait! Theres more! Its been proven to prevent cancer, kill pain, speed up metabolism and then some. If you want more in depth information about this spice, just google turmeric. Or got to Someone in our world loves this spice so much that they dedicated their time and energy to spread the knowledge about friggin TURMERIC. Do this person a solid and give them some hits.

Are you intrigued? You might think, “Nat, WTF am I suppose to do with turmeric?” I got you covered, I’m sharing my recipe for turmeric paste. You can add this to your sautéed veggies, soups, rice, curries or you can try the ever so trendy “Golden Milk”. (here is a recipe by Cashew Kitchen)

I will say, be careful when making this paste. It has such a strong colour and it can stain. I gave my white cat a little love while making it and now she's into turmeric too. 

Have fun with this! You cant get high but you can get healthy. Which is pretty great too, am I right?

Turmeric paste

This recipe makes about 1.5 cups of paste. Keep that in mind, because the paste only lasts for about 2 weeks in your fridge. 

What you'll need:

1/2 cup turmeric powder

1/2 tsp black pepper

1 tsp ground cinnamon

1/2 tsp of cardamon 

1/2 tsp of nutmeg

1 cup of water

1/2 cup of coconut oil

Mix water and turmeric powder in a pot. Slowly simmer mixture and constantly stir for 6-10 minutes.  You might need more time, but just keep stirring! It should become a paste consistency.

Add spices and oil and mix until it is fully combined with the paste. 

Keeping It Fresh To Death

As you have probably noticed, I haven't been posting. I've actually been avoiding it. Every time I attempted to face this, I end up writing a few sentences before I roll my eyes in disinterest.

I don't need to force myself to do something I'm not that into at the moment. Eff that.

Like the title hints, I've been trying new forms of self expression in 120 characters or less. I consider myself really lucky to be surrounded by creative and self motivated creatures. Their determination has rubbed off on me. By no means am I professional, but its fun to play with a new toy and create something I never imagined I could. 

This space will now be a mixed blog of lifestyle photography, videos and maybe some writing if I feel like it.

The photos that I am posting today are from my first 2 rolls of film. My best pal Jenika made a special visit to see me just in time for some fun film time around Bangkok.

The second roll is in black and white. The photos are from Cat Powder's first year anniversary party. Cat Powder is a Dark Wave, Techno and Witch House monthly party in Bangkok. 

Enjoy yo. 

Life Things

I know its been months since I’ve posted on Natasmack. Its actually been months since I've written anything at all. Truthfully, I lost the desire to write. This has been the nature of this blog. I’ve changed the name once, the layout several times, and been a stop and go blogger since its birth. 

While traveling, I always had something to say and to share with my readers. From photos, funny stories, to recommendations. What about now? 

Since my absence, I’ve had many temptations to write about new experiences. I’d get half way through my post and think “Who the fuck actually cares?”. The post would be immediately abandoned deep into the files of my computer, forever to be forgotten.

 Amongst all the half attempts at writing. I was struggling with my new life. When I decided to move here, I was on a high. Not to be mistaken for “I was high”. Although, I could compare the feeling to being on drugs. It was like eating a few mushrooms on a nude beach with your friend. Nothing was bringing me down, colours were the brightest I've ever seen and my face hurt from smiling from ear to ear. Not even a leathery, tanned old mans’ ass was going to break my mood. 

But as you know, what goes up must come down. I spent a lot of time thinking about what I was missing. I obviously missed my friends, and my family. I missed my clothes 
(sounds vain AF, but the longing is real), burritos, going to my favourite Vancouver spots, Moksha yoga classes and my bike. I’d spend days thinking about how to make my life feel more full. I learned that having nothing to do wasn't as great as it sounded. I felt useless, unimportant and boring. By funnelling my energy to my pain, I was ignoring all the amazing things I had around me. Focusing on what I had less of was starting to turn my trippy tie dyed eyes into sobering vision. Seeing the leathery old men for all they have.

Each day I'd go through a range of emotions from “This is effing fun!!!!”  to “WTF how did I get here?!” to “I shall never leave my house again.” It was totally exhausting for me, and for the people around me. I didn’t know what to do. Anxiety running high, depression creeping in, I needed to fix this. There wasn't going to be one thing to heal all ailments. 

What I ultimately decided was that I am going to stop thinking about what I am without. I will rein back talking about Canada and seriously think about what happiness means to  me. I’m going give myself to the end of the year to narrow down what I need from my life. Notice I said narrow down? I know 50 year olds who are less narrow then I am. I cant expect to have my shit sorted in less then a year. 

With these new decisions, Ive learned a lot about myself so far. I want to write them down, with elaborate and insightful meanings for you. Remember how I said I haven't written in a while? Well, I am rusty so I have compiled a list of “Life things I’ve Learned from Feeling Like I Have No Life.”

I don’t actually know myself as well as I thought.
So much can be done in one hour.
- Traffic is hell in life form.
- Use your brain. Maybe learn a new language? “SAWATDEE KA PUUAN!!! KUN SUAAI MAK MAK!!”
- Stay up to see the sun rise. Dance when you do.
- Read. Read. Read.
- Smile at everyone. People are full of surprises.
- Strive for progress not perfection.
- Don’t cut your hair. Seriously. Just don’t.
- Plan trips, even if you don’t take them.
-  Drink a bottle of wine by yourself.
-  Get outside.  (I miss nature.)
- Learn to be authentic.
- Apologize.
- BUILD your own life. Exactly how you want it to be.
- Learn to feel good in your skin.
- My laugh is outrageous and I love it. 
- I CAN wear pants in bazillion degree weather.
Feed your soul with what you need daily. 

This list will be forever modified, and maybe in a few months time I will update it. I’m interested to see what comes from these life changes. Maybe I’ll be completely different or perhaps I’ll be right in the same spot as I am now. Either way, its growth. Thats what its all about, right?

DIY Denim

Unexpectedly moving to Bangkok was spontaneous and exhilarating, but it had a few setbacks. For example; my clothing. My selection was a backpackers dream but a city slickers worst nightmare. In Vancouver I was bored of my clothing and I was constantly dreaming of a hella badass wardrobe. Now that I literally have 2 pairs of pants, 1 skirt, 3 dresses and a handful of T-shirts. I want to go back in time and slap my whiny self. 

Shopping in Bangkok is exciting. There are several massive malls filled with anything you could be looking for. One of my favourite places in Union Mall. The entire top level is used clothing with great prices. Ive decided that with my budget, my style and ethics; I am trying to mostly purchase used clothing. Strictly shopping second hand it is a really great way to build and interesting wardrobe and style. It takes some time and serious sifting to find the good pieces but its worth it. Sometimes you have to look beyond what is being offered to you. 

I love shopping for tops, shoes and accessories but when I need to go bottom shopping I have to be in a realistically positive mood. My mind must be in a place where I can walk away from trying on 12 pairs of pants, with not one pair working without having a freak out from frustration. Finding jeans that fit and accent my beautiful booty is such a challenge. When I find the magical pair, I covet them and wear them well.

At Union Mall I found a great pair of high wasted denim. My favourite part of them is the high yolk in the back. Seeing as I have mostly basic tops, my outfits with these jeans were looking a little drab. I decided to alter them and I am going to show you how!

I was inspired by The Ragged Priest, a UK brand that specialises in painted and destroyed denim. I decided that I wanted to transform my jeans into something simple that I can wear with basic tees or dress up with patterned blouses. 

What you’ll need:

Quick Drying oil paint (I used black)
Paint brush
Turpentine (for cleaning)
Masking tape
Measuring tape
Razor Blade or Exacto knife
A piece of cardboard or plastic

First try on the jeans and mark where you want the cut outs to be. I had someone help me mark where my knees were exactly so I didn’t eff it up and have the holes too high or too low. 

Draw the shape you want, then place the cardboard or plastic in the leg and cut with the razor blade. To make sure that both sides were equal, I used the denim cut out from the previous leg and placed it on the other knee to cut it out perfectly. I used the razor blade to score short lines around the hole. When I wash my jeans, it will cause the holes to fray a little and it will look less perfect and more rugged and distressed.

Next run masking tape down half an inch away from the outside seem. Use a measuring tape to be exact. Do the same on the other side of the seem. You’ll have two pieces of masking tape protecting your jeans from the oil paint to create a long black stripe. Do this on each leg.

Now its time to paint! Place the cardboard or plastic in the pant leg again. This will ensure that the paint wont bleed on to the other side of the jeans while you paint. Shake the oil paint before you use it, then carefully start painting on the inside of the tape lines. I had a couple drops on my pants outside of the tape. I liked the way it looked, so I wasn't mad about it. Do this to both legs.

I let the paint dry a little, then checked to see if I missed any pieces. I ended up painting two coats just to be sure.

To finish, hang up the jeans with a pant hanger and putthem in a place where they wont touch anything else. Clean your brush, with turpentine.

In a few hours you'll have a revamped, hella cool new pair of jeans.